Monday, March 9, 2009


This blog is the product of several colliding phenomenon, most notably a failing economy and my desire to record as many of my thoughts as possible for posterity. Substantively, it will cover a range of topics that span all of my interests: sports, politics, music, television, movies, religion, and pretty much anything else that intrigues me. The one thing that will not be discussed here is "The West Wing," a subject that is already being attended to in other places. Well, to be fair, lots of things will probably never be discussed on this blog. Russian ballet, for example. Most things will be in bounds though. The frequency of my postings will probably not follow any sort of discernible pattern, but I will try to write as often as possible or until I lose interest. Of course, comments and feedback are always encouraged and appreciated. Hope you enjoy...

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  1. You are searching for something that will give you the same rush that sports does and I understand that. I played varsity volleyball and I know that does not compare to your sport but all the same I got the rush and I was very good at what I did. Unfortunately for me my parents sent me to a christian school and only bad that it did not give me the chance to go pro. I played after only in city leagues and then in just leagues me and my husband could play together because he was also very good. I was the setter and he was the spikier. Yet what gives the greater rush the most amazing ability to know that I am doing more man kind that I could ever do as a nurse, yeah I went into nursing. I am a christian. God can fill that rush like you can not believe, just look into it. Its like no other rush that I ever got in sports or in nursing when I helped someone no one else could. Try reading the KJV bible and just keep and open mind and maybe just maybe you will find an unbelievable rush you never dreamed of like I did. jul's from one sport fan and player to another just keep an open mind.