Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wanna Make Something Awesome? Just Google It

This item in the Business section of today's Times absolutely blew my mind. Google is, without a doubt, the most innovative, brilliant company of our era, and the most amazing thing about it is that they don't come up with any original ideas, as far as I can tell. Obviously, they didn't invent email or online maps, or word processing. But they took all those already invented devices and made them better. They made them more creative, more efficient, and available to more people. And that's exactly what they're doing with this latest device, which already has me excited about the prospect of never having to answer my cell phone again, instead reading all messages as emails.

I once joked to my dad that the reason why so many people missed out on the opportunity to make huge money on the Google IPO is because of a tragic misallocation of resources. Anyone from my generation, who was using products before they went mainstream, knew that the potential for this company was limitless. However, the money was in the hands of the older generation who didn't know anything about this Google. The lesson: if we would have talked to our parents more, our families would all be a lot richer right now.

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