Friday, March 13, 2009

Six OT's? Are You Serious???

Over the course of my life, there have been been many situations that have prompted me to ask the question: "When do people who don't follow sports get to feel like this?" Last night was one of those nights. The 6OT Syracuse-Connecticut thriller last night in the Big East Tournament was one of those games that reminds you why sports is different than any other form of entertainment in the world.

I am fairly certain that if I had asked all my male friends yesterday afternoon, "what are you doing tonight," that not a single one of them would have mentioned the Syracuse-UConn game anywhere in their plans. However, as the clock struck midnight and then eventually 1am, basically every guy I know was doing the same thing: watching that basketball game. I was being barraged by IMs and texts excitedly wondering "are you watching this???" and watching people's online statuses change with each turning point play and each additional OT session. None of us particularly cared about the outcome of the game but we were all enthralled and we were all sure as hell gonna stick with it till the very end. As a result, I would bet the aggregate male workforce was close to an hour late to work this morning.

So I continue to wonder: is there anything in life that provides the same sort of spontaneity, drama, and constant unpredictability the way a live sporting event can? And how do those people who don't follow sports fill in the gaps and find things to make them feel the way we all felt last night? Maybe they just have no idea what they're missing.

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